Baba's Characteristics


Sai Baba’s Characteristics

Shirdi Sai Baba is a reincarnation of God.

He transcends over life and death, time and space.

He is immortal, Omnipresent (present everywhere), Omnipotent (knows everything) and Omniscient (sees everything).

Even though He possess all of God’s powers; fame, fortune, grace, and knowledge, He remains unperturbed in nature and ever humble.

He has His own special way of making His devotees learn and improve themselves, by giving them experiences, or imparting wisdom in subtle but evident ways.

He constantly gives strength and courage to those whom have faith in Him and promises that He is always with them, by their sides and all around, protecting and nurturing them.

His form exudes positive energy and many have attained peace of mind, just by seeing Him or being in the presence of His aura.

Through His Mind’s eye, He sees, and knows the past, present and future of all.

Only He is capable of changing the preset Karma (life path based on our previous actions) and can override destiny.

He encourages positive thoughts constantly, and tolerance to every creature and human beings from all walks of life regardless of race, religion, caste or creed.

He has non attachment to situations and outcomes and is free from desires.

He encourages His devotees to lose their attachment to wealth by collecting Dakshina (fees of remuneration).

He teaches the importance of unconditional love, and to avoid feelings of greed, jealousy, pride and honour.

He is Para Brahma (The Absolute Reality).

He draws millions of people to Shirdi through His Blessings.

His abilities cure all sicknesses: the blind can see, the lame can walk, the mute can speak, the deaf can hear, even the wicked can turn good.

He gives and gives to all, what they seek, but ultimately they, hopefully, will seek what He yearns to give them – Realization of God (self-realization).

In His treasury, He has abundance to give; but when everyone in this life says “Give, give”, He says “Take, take my wealth (of knowledge)”

People can advance spiritually when they learn to realize themselves for who they really are, and what we are truly capable of as human beings.

He says by elevating ourselves, we can elevate others around us to higher states.

He teaches the importance of being egoless; to allow discussions to proceed without having to make a stand or proving one’s point unnecessarily.

He imparts virtues on charity and being generous; to give to the needy and less fortunate should be engrained in all.

He teaches that no one can progress spiritually without a Guide (or Guru); as life path is full of thorns and ditches, only a guide can help us avoid these pitfalls.

No one, to date, who has genuinely turned to Him for help, has been cast away, let down or efforts have proved unfruitful.

He says, a mother, father, brother, or sister may hold your hand in this life, but only I can protect you in life and in death.

He is the Sun, that gives unlimited brightness in hours of darkness.